I Don't Know Anyone On The Internet: Demos

by A Paper Tugboat

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These songs were recorded over the past year, in my bedroom, using an acoustic guitar and a microKORG synthesizer. Oskar, my cat, supervised. Most of these songs have been, are in the process of, or will be re-recorded full band for official releases. "Firestarter" is forthcoming on The Bad News Bears EP; "Lazybones" is likely to appear on a split cd with Jake Shaker; and "All That Technology" and "Shitfaced" are most likely going to be on the full-length, Horse Farm.


released December 12, 2011



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A Paper Tugboat Connecticut

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Track Name: Please, Just Graduate
Please, just graduate and get a good job.
We can spend our evenings out on the back porch
getting stoned while the neighborhood cats watch.
Track Name: All That Technology
"Michiel, your songs are not so bad
they're just a little rough around the edge,
but it's nothing we can't touch up with all that technology."
And so what if you can't make it big right now
and nobody hears you when you call?
It's all luck. The business- it sucks. It'll drag you down to the ground.

Baby, you've got to be crazy to keep believing in me.

All of those stuck up chumps at the club that smoke through my set, they don't have any idea how goddamn good my songs get.

And I just keep thinking,
Baby, you've got to be crazy to keep believing in me.
Track Name: Lazybones
Long nights in a parking lot tearing napkins into pieces in a paper cup.
And your no-show boyfriend knows that he's got you in the crook of his back.
Tepid pagentry just to pad his bro stats.
And where's your mom in all of this?
How has your education prepared you for anything?
So instead, you smoke Marlboro Lights like a dude
who's so far gone on discount PBRs and ask yourself is it time for growing up or what?
Because the life you kept safe, well, everything has changed.
And the love you kept safe; it will never be the same.
So...you drive and drive and drive.
Track Name: Shitfaced
Two shitfaced lovers
talking trash about each other
making it so much harder than it has to be.
They awoke in silence
with the covers wrapped above their eyelids
the whole sky opened right above them
and they said:
Lover, where's your coat of arms,
that casket bound to keep you warm
to dry those eyes and set you free
with bourbon, scotch, and victory
your lady lover dressed so nice like a child?

Two shit faced brothers
bound and gagged together
by an angry, bitter mother begging,
"boys you better get along."
Well they climbed the steeple
and looked out on a track of worthless people
their whole lives in motion
and their futures nailed to the ground
and they said:
How in the hell did it get so bad?
Did a late night love landlock your plans
did it burn through you like all that news
about the bastard son and his bullshit blues
how it came to you like so much truth:
it's not alright, alright?

I know it's hard to break the chains around your heart
You've been through hell, you've been through hell
you've been through hell.