Tear It Down

by A Paper Tugboat

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Tear It Down is a stripped down collection of acoustic versions of new songs as well as new conceptions of older Tugboat songs. "Don't Race The Sun" originally appears on Demonstration; "The Bad News Bears" originally appears on The Bad News Bears EP; and "A Tough Drug To Quit" and "M*A*S*H" are forthcoming on Horse Farm.


released March 19, 2013

Tear It Down was recorded in January and February 2013 by Port City Recording in White Plains and Dobbs Ferry, NY and Danbury, CT.

All songs written by Michiel Considine.
All songs performed by Michiel Considine and Sam Stauff.
Mixing and mastering by Sam Stauff.
Trumpet on track 2 by Brian Nowell.
Trumpet recorded by Trevor Leonard in Philadelphia, PA.
Glockenspiel on track 2 by Erick Alfisi.
Cover Design by Mike Towndrow.
Cover Photograph by Jennell Terrell.

A Paper Tugboat is:

Michiel Considine
Sam Stauff
Erick Alfisi
Brian Nowell
Ben Traver
Megan Frechette
Andy Porta



all rights reserved


A Paper Tugboat Connecticut

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Track Name: Waiting Out A Storm
Waiting out a storm or two
in your mother's cousin's living room
while Cheryl feeds the dogs,
and your sister in her summer clothes
ties bows upon her dolls.
And you knew that you were the man now.

Because your father sold history books stateside
door-to-door with elaborate hooks to red-blood
panhandle Americans.
And now you have a half brother born in Texas.
"Curse of the traveling salesman," your dad said.

So Cheryl left for the afternoon
and your mom swam laps in the swimming pool
red-eyed, like she was having a good time.
And you couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying.
If it even mattered. What mattered anymore?
Track Name: Don't Race The Sun (Alt Version)
I was a big fool
I was a liar cheating my limbs
but now I've retired
to spend my evenings up in my head.

A girl in a green dress
She moves so soft and sweet in the street
all stuck in her head
trying so hard to fight what she feels

That girl in a green dress
she'll spit you out when you're too far away
and shack up with replacements
conveniently stacked in my way.

When you're too far away.

This boy is true blue.
He looked after you when they abandoned you.
He's all stuck in his head
Trying to forget every words that you said.

You're not the sun.
Track Name: A Tough Drug To Quit
She has a tendency for overreacting
a bloody liquid boiling over the pot.
She's smart as a whip, she's my sharp-tongue kid,
but she doesn't know what she's doing.

She'll grind you down to tiny bits and bone marrow
then build you back up into a much better man.
She's all of my history, my light, my divinity.
Diagonal implied for infinity.

And I've seen hellfire and brimstone spark from her lips
but those curves and those hips, I'd eat up every bit.
Goddammit, Ecka, you're a tough drug to quit.
Track Name: The Bad News Bears (Acoustic)
No one is ever going to treat you right,
stay up late and hold you by candlelight.
They'll just push and shove their arms around you so tight.
No marching band or machine man is going to hold your hands
through thick and thin. They will lie to you about it at the
clubs most every night. Then it's too late for rubbers and blues
bands. And your short dress is the only thing that he remembers.

All those boys with bad attitudes.
Wild-eyed lovers in your living room.
We've got time, the doctor's in.
He's got your medicine:

No more deadbeats skipping bail.
No more hockey freaks with no teeth in the front.
No more loose leaf tea, no more indie scene for me.

So why don't we make a pact in blood on his bigot's tongue
on his loaded gun that he's got outback on the roof-rack of his
favorite pickup truck? Where he tells you that he shoots squirrels,
shoots deer, shoots skunks. And he won't think twice about shooting
this boy in dress up.

No more pansies living home.
No more bankers bent on selling you their debt.
No more loose leaf tea, no more indie scene for me.

No one is ever going to treat you right,
stay up late and hold you by candlelight
until the Bad News Bears go win it in the end.
Or that douche bag of a boyfriend comes back again.
Track Name: M*A*S*H
You don't talk to me anymore
you just get drunk and watch the tube for hours and hours.
M*A*S*H and Hogan's Heroes marathons.

I could fight it if I had the strength of several stronger men.

But I don't. I'm just broke and need a place to stay.
Where it's nice out, and it's flat ground,
and the people think I'm kind.
"What a nice boy," "What a good kid,"
"Man, he'd never break your heart."

You were right, Babe, to only want the same that you put in.
That's not too hard for ordinary god-fearing men.

But you don't talk to me anymore
you just get drunk and watch the tube for hours and hours.
M*A*S*H and Hogan's Heroes marathons.
But it's not like I had anything important to tell you.
Just I miss you,
and I might just finally graduate this year.

You're invited to my sending off
tell all your friends to come.
There will be cake and party favors for everyone who attends.

And hey, who knows?
This could be the change you've been dying to see in me
through all of those lonely, livid years.